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Music Ministry - Children's Choir

About Children's Choir
The Holy Innocent Children’s Choir (also known as St Anthony Children's Choir) serves the Eucharistic Celebration on every Saturday at 6pm.

We started with a group of kids and together with their parents volunteered to help, started weekly practices for the kids and sang for our first EC duty on Pentecost Sunday back in 2004.

We have gained spiritual growth with the guidance through the years with GOD’s grace, the continuing support of the children’s parents (whom have been sending their kids for weekly practices) and the love of the parishioners of St Anthony.

We currently have about 40 kids weekly with youngest being 6 years old and the oldest at 12 years old.

We are currently collaborating with the Catechism Group to have the primary 4 students attaching to us in our weekly Eucharist duties.

We are very fortunate to have a very dedicated group of adult whom had volunteered themselves and served as a cohesive team in the last 12 years:

  • Emeritus Choir Master: Gerard Pereira
  • Choir Mistresses: Genevieve Chen, Cindy Hun.
  • Musicians: Isaac Chong, Estee Lim, Samuel Kwik.
  • Operations Manager: Jovian Hun.
  • Operations Support: Elizabeth Wong, Maggie Hor.
  • Choir Administrator: Marcus S Tan

Our Mission
The mission of the Holy Innocent Children's Choir is to get kids and their parents involved in our church activities and with their angelic voice, sing and lead the congregations to praise and worship GOD every week!

Come Join Us!
For all the kids who love to sing, don’t be shy, come and join us to sing and praise our Lord and you will be very surprised what you are capable to do with your angelic voice!

For Children's Choir
Please contact :

Marcus Tan 9111 1188

Last Updated: 03 Nov 2016