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Music Ministry - Disciple Chorus

About Disciple Chorus
Disciples Chorus was started way before March 2007 when the name was changed from Sunday 6pm Choir to Disciples Chorus (DC). By the sharing of one of our earliest members, who said that she had joined the choir since 1997. The number of members then, were just less than a handful, and till now, a sizable group.

DC is made up of majority members from the Filipino community, who are talented singers/musicians sent by God to lead His sheep and singing Him praises. As St. Augustine has written; he who sings his prayer prays twice. But before this praising of God in song can be truly prayerful, the spirit of praise must run high in the soul. The song of the lips must first have been a song in the soul.

DC is blessed with good voices that audition was not for new members and singing in parts has become a 2nd nature. Besides having good voices, DC is also blessed with very talented musicians to complete the delivery of praises to our loving Father in heaven during each Eucharistic Celebration.

If you love to praise God in the pop contemporary beat, you will love to share the celebration of hymns of praise with DC!

Last Updated: 03 Nov 2016