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Liturgy Planning Team

About Us
Liturgy is the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed, at the same time it is the source from which all the Church's power flows.

Liturgy is the official public worship of the Church, which is grounded in the lives of our believing community celebrating as the Body of Christ; so that we may also be enriched by its effect and thus responds to our Baptismal call of service to the world.

The Parish Liturgy Committee bases its vision on the following liturgical principles :

  • Full, conscious and active participation of the worshipping community in its liturgical celebration is the aim to be considered before all else.
  • Participation by the Christian people is their right and duty by reason of their baptism.
  • To gather intentionally in God's presence is to gather our total selves, our complete persons. Hence our liturgical celebration and their preparation reflect who we are as a parish. The celebrations are grounded in the needs, hopes and desires of the assembly.

Our Mission
The Mission of the Parish Liturgy Committee is to foster good worship in the parish on an on-going basis with the view to reach out and evangelist beyond our parish, foster good community bonding and fellowship among all parishioners. In addition, following faithfully to the Parish Mission and Vision laid down by St. Anthony's Church.

Major Areas of Responsibility

  • The liturgical life of the parish as a whole.
  • The development of policies and procedures which affect liturgy planning and practice for the year and for special occasions e.g. Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Parish Mission Week, Reconciliation Service, Advent, Christmas, etc.
  • The planning of programs of continuing education (formation courses, retreats, bible sharing) in liturgy for the Liturgy Committee, and other organizations when needed.
  • The on-going evaluation of the liturgical life and practice of the parish.
  • Collaboration with other groups that will in any way enhance on the liturgical life of the parish e.g. Children's Liturgy, Catechists, etc.
  • Set an annual budget for presentation to the Parish Finance Committee.

Expressions of Liturgy and Public worship include:

  • Mass/Sunday Eucharist
  • Sacraments (i.e. Holy Communion, Confessions, Baptism, Anointing of the Sick, etc).
  • Prayer of the Church/Liturgy of the Hours.
  • Prayer Services.
  • Liturgy of the Word with or without Communion (Celebration of the Word).
  • School Liturgies.

Composition of the Committee
In inviting membership to this Committee there should be an attempt to involve:

  • Parish Priest.
  • Music Ministry.
  • Wardens Society.
  • Eucharistic Ministers.
  • Altar Servers.
  • Audio & Visual Team.
  • Lectors Ministry.
  • Children's Ministry.
  • Catechist Ministry.

Current membership

  • Chairman: Thomas Goh
  • Vice Chairman / Secretary: Sandra Hubert
  • Treasurer: Marie
  • Members: Charlotte George, Emily Yeoh, Ester, Jean Angus, Jeanette, Joseph Tan, Selina Chia

Tasks of Liturgy Committee

  • Selection of Hymns for all masses and other special occasions or events.
  • Selection of scripture readings & Gospels for special occasions and events if needed.
  • Planning of Liturgical events like Ash Wednesday, Lent, Advent, etc.
  • Coordination of various church organizations involved in the events planned.

For Liturgy Planning Team
Please contact:

Thomas Goh

Liturgy Programme Calendar

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