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Music Ministry - Shepherd's Voice

About Shepherd's Voice
The Shepherd's Voice(SV) choir is one of the 4 English choirs in the Music Ministry. Made up of a community of choristers and musicians, our purpose is to complement the Eucharistic Celebrations and parish events by providing musical accompaniment and singing of liturgical hymns. Regardless of age, nationality and background, we come together every Sunday morning with a common heart and purpose: that is to use the musical talents and gifts our Lord has blessed us, for serving Him and His people. It is when the congregation, through our music, moves deeper into prayer, worship and thanksgiving that we fulfill our roles as music ministers.

The SV Choir serves every Sunday at the 915am Eucharistic Celebration. Our practices are also held on Sundays from 1130am to 1pm. We warmly welcome anyone who has the appropriate talents and time to commit to this ministry. Do feel free to approach us if you feel the prompting to use your voice and musical skills to serve the Lord and his people.

The Name "Shepherd's Voice"
The name Shepherd's Voice was introduced almost 3 years ago. This name was chosen because, the choir, becomes an instrument of God, and HE, the Good Shepherd, speaks to the congregation in every Mass, in every song that is sung, in every psalm that is prayed. Thus we become the instruments of God's voice.

The SV family
Made up of members from different ages and backgrounds, our choir prides itself in the fact that everyone has a gift to serve in his or her own way, and everyone with a willingness to be of service to one another, is welcome to be a part of the family and make the commitment to give their time and energy for the Lord.

It is indeed wonderful for us to share that despite the fact that the majority of the members are unable to read music, we have been able to bring out the meaning of the hymns and songs and inspired the congregation in the Mass at various occasions. This affirms the fact that we do not necessarily need to be well-inclined in the technicalities of music in order to be part of the choir, in praising the Lord and touching the hearts and lives of others!

With guidance of the Holy Spirit, we continuously seek to bring everyone closer to the Lord in the Eucharistic celebration, and ultimately, accomplish our roles as disciples of Christ. God Bless.

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Last Updated: 31 Aug 2016