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Junior Praesidia

Mother of Mercy Junior Praesidium

Mother of the Good Shepherd Junior Praesidium

The Junior Praesidium, in the Handbook

The Legion is able to make vivid the whole circle of Catholic Doctrine and to turn it into motive-power for every Christian purpose. For the young, it fills school time, playtime, home and every other time, with holy, practical idealism. It gives the members a new vision of things. What the members learn and practice in the praesidium they will in their ordinary life

  • The Junior Praesidia meets every Sunday at 11:30 a.m. at St Paul Room and St Teresa Room.
  • Age requirement for membership: 5 – 18 years
  • Activities: Prayers, family rosary, attending weekday mass, altar serving being kind and helpful.

First Junior Legion Meeting – Our Mother of the Mercy Praesidium held on the 13 December 2015

Legion Functions and Event

For Junior Praesidium
Please contact :

Hilda 9839 9654,
Regina 9279 3925

Last Updated: 03 Nov 2016