Holy Matrimony

For Catholics, the Sacrament of Marriage, or Holy Matrimony, is a public sign that one gives oneself totally to this other person. It is also a public statement about God: the loving union of husband and wife speaks of family values and also God’s values.

“Therefore, what God has joined together, no human being must separate. … whoever divorces his wife (unless the marriage is unlawful) and marries another commits adultery.”

The sacrament reveals the religious dimension of marriage. Besides the human, social and legal dimensions of marriage – the public sign that one gives oneself totally to this other person – sacramental marriage is also a public statement about God. The celebration of each of the sacraments reveals something of this ultimate reality: who God is and who God is for us.

  • Confirm with the priest that he is free to preside at the wedding and that the church is available on the selected date. Do this at least six months in advance. Once you have the priest who agrees to officiate at your wedding, make the booking of the church in our system.
    For the Parish Priest, please notify him one year in advance. A preparation advised by the priest will also be done before the wedding.
  • Once the date is confirmed, you may wish to proceed to book our basement for your wedding reception by completing and returning the Room Booking Form to the parish office. You can download the form from this website or get a copy from the parish office. Please refer to the Room Booking Rates for details of expenses.
  • The priest may recommend couples requires couples to attend the Marriage Preparation Course or the Catholic Engaged Encounter before the wedding. Places are limited, so please make enquiries six months to a year ahead. Details are available at www.catholic.org.sg/MPC and www.catholic.org.sg/ceespore.
  • You will also need to apply to the Registry of Marriages for permission to marry, if you are not already married at the Registry. ROM requires at least 21 days’ notice to grant the approval/license.
  • Fix a date for an interview with the priest and bring along the following documents:
    • Baptismal Certificates from church(es) of baptism, issued within the past six(6) months.
    • Full names, NRIC/Passport number(s) and tel. number(s) of two(2) witnesses.
    • Certificate of Marriage (if previously registered at ROM).
    • Certificate of completion of Engaged Encounter Weekend or Marriage Preparation Course.

    In addition, copies of the following documents are required, if applicable

    • Certificate(s) of any other previous marriage(s).
    • Certificate(s) of any previous divorce(s).
    • Certificate(s) of death of previous spouse(s).
    • Medical statement of present condition of pregnancy.
    • Certificate of Annulment.
    • Rescript of dissolution of the natural bond.
  • As a Catholic you are required to baptise and bring up your children in the Catholic faith. The Catholic party states that he/she will remain steadfast in the Catholic faith way of life and to do all in his/her power to have the children baptised and brought up in the Catholic faith. The non-Catholic party would have to sign that he/she understands the obligation undertaken by the Catholic party.
  • For the wedding, Catholic couples normally celebrate their marriage within a Mass. In a mixed marriage between a Catholic and a non-Catholic, a Wedding Service without Mass is advised. A wedding mass can be celebrated on any weekday subject to availability of the priest and the church. Wedding masses are not permitted on Sunday mornings because of logistical constraints at Church of St. Anthony.
  • Flowers
    Our Church Floral Team are experienced in creating lovely floral arrangements for weddings. However, you are at liberty to choose your own florist and the negotiation with the chosen florist is entirely up to you. Please consult with the Parish Office (Parish Secretary) for more details.
  • Wedding Booklets
    Should you have instructions such as ‘please kneel or be seated’, the instruction ‘Catholics please kneel and non-Catholics may be seated’ should not appear anywhere in your booklet.
  • Rehearsals
    You are welcome to use the church for a rehearsal before your wedding. Please contact the Parish Office to make a booking for an appropriate date and time. You are required to make separate arrangments to have the celebrating priest present.
  • Decorations
    No double sided tapes or nails or screws are to be used. Please seek advice from the Parish Office on areas and places that can be decorated in the church worship hall and elsewhere. All decorations used during the mass must be removed immediately after the celebration.
  • Choir
    You may wish to Ms. Allison Tan at 98550103 to assist you however, you may also have your own organist or choir from other parishes.
  • Audio-Visual
    You may wish to contact Mr. Steven Paul at 84794853 to assist you. However, it is subjected to their availability.
  • Photography and Video Recording
    Please note that in order to maintain respect for the sacred spaces and not turning the church into a photo gallery,

    • No group photo taking is to take place within the church worship hall.
    • Photographers may not enter the Sanctuary/Altar area.
    • No photo taking is allowed after the ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’ until after the ‘Great Amen’. However, they may come up to the sanctuary when the books are being signed.
    • The same is to be observed by the videographer.
  • Reception
    While you are most welcome to use the basement for your reception, you have to take note that the deposit has to be made before the basement can be considered booked. The decorations to the basement follows the guidelines and conditions stated in the Room Booking Form.
    You can download the form from this website or get a copy from the parish office. Please refer to the Room Booking Form for details of expenses.
  • Others
    • We request those planning a marriage to contact the priests of the church 6 months prior to the anticipated date, so that proper preparations can be made.
    • For those who want Fr Terence to preside, you are to inform him 1 year in advance.
    • All forms can be downloaded from this website and submitted to the Parish Office.  Physical Forms are also available from the Parish Office