The Easter Creed (Apostles Creed)

The Easter Creed

The new English translation of the Roman Missal (2011) recommends that ‘The Apostle’s Creed’ to be used in the seasons of Lent and especially Easter. This Creed is shorter than the Nicene Creed we usually pray.

What is the big deal about praying the Apostles Creed?

The Apostles’ Creed originally came from the Easter baptismal liturgy of the Church of Rome, founded by the great Apostles Peter and Paul. For this reason, it was known as the ‘Easter’ Creed and it was named ‘The Apostles’ Creed’ because it has the same number of articles of faith, twelve. Thus by praying this creed we profess all the articles of our faith!

Here is an interesting point.

The Creed was first proclaimed in the Greek language of the New Testament era. And like most of the professions of early Christian faith, it arose from baptism, where the catechumen was asked “do you believe in God the Father?” and responded, “I do believe.” This is why the pronoun in the ancient creeds was “I” rather than “we.”

Why is praying the Creed important?

The most obvious reason is because they frame our Christian beliefs. It also joins us to the Communion of Saints in heaven and the Body of Christ the Church. Thus, it reminds us of what truly matter and what can bind us together regardless of race, culture, affiliation and nationality. By professing the Creed, we reaffirm our beliefs which can get blurred and woolly with time. Some of us may have been experiencing an overload of pain and suffering. Sometimes tragedies can void us of any sense of meaning and purpose in life.

Thus, when we reaffirm our Baptismal creed, it steadies our lives, reminding us of the timeless grace and faithfulness of God and the support we need from the community of Saints in heaven and our community the Church.

May the Easter Season be a graced opportunity for us to renew our faith and our commitment to the Lord and to each other so that our lives may find its finest potential and the Church grow fruitfully as the Mystical Body of Christ. Have a Blessed Holy Easter!

Written by Fr Ignatius Yeo, Parish Priest