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Formation Talk on Salvation by the Cross by Fr Ignatius Yeo – Published : 05 Oct 2019

Fr Ignatius Yeo gave a formation talk on Sept 14, 2019 from 3.30 PM to 5.00 PM on the topic of ‘Salvation By The Cross.’. The talk was followed by Stations of the Cross and mass for the Feast of the Exultation of the Cross.

In Roman times, crucifixion is reserved for the most serious of criminals. In this talk, Fr Ignatius spoke about the cross being a sign of contradiction. He elaborated on the role of the cross in our salvation and in the conquest of sin and death and the defeat of the Devil. He connects the cross to our Trinitarian faith, the Kingdom of God and the new covenant. The talk included the power of the cross as a sacramental and about St Anthony’s love of the cross and the St Anthony’s brief and ended with reflections of St Pio and St Teresa of Calcutta on the cross.

Formation Talk on the Two Forms of the Mass – the Ordinary Form and the Extraordinary Form in Latin – Published : 30 Aug 2019

The extraordinary form of the mass in Latin is not for nostalgia but remains part of our Catholic heritage. In this formation talk, Fr Ignatius talks about the two forms – the ordinary form and the extraordinary form (in Latin) of the Eucharist or mass that we celebrate in our church and how they differ.

Talk on Design Elements and Architecture of the Church of St Anthony in Singapore – Published : 14 Aug 2019

Fr Ignatius Yeo, Parish Priest of the Church of St Anthony in Singapore speaks on the symbolism behind the various design and architecture of the Church of St Anthony after extensive renovations to the sanctuary and to the church building. This talk was delivered on July 13, 2019 together with an exhibition of sacramentals used in liturgy.

Milestone Video – Published : 14 Aug 2019

In 2019, the Church of St Anthony in Woodlands celebrated its 25th anniversary in its current location in Woodlands. The new building in Woodlands was completed in 1994 under the then Parish Priest, Fr John Khoo. In 2020, the church will celebrate its 60th Anniversary as a church in Singapore with its humble beginnings in Mandai, Singapore.