The Catholic Lawyers Guild provides mutual support and encouragement amongst lawyers for the sanctification of their professional work, as well as the provision of legal assistance to the Church and persons in need.

Pro Bono Legal Aid Clinics by the Catholic Lawyers Guild

If you are:

  1. Facing a legal issue on a personal matter and do not have legal advice or representation;
  2. Facing a legal dispute that you wished to have mediated and resolved; or
  3. Unable to afford a lawyer,

You may wish to seek free basic legal advice and information at any one of the CLG Legal Clinics. Such legal assistance is open to all, regardless of religious faith or nationality, and cover both criminal and civil matters.

For more detailed information and location of clinics please visit the CLG website at: Please provide details about your legal matter when filling in the form. Alternatively, please call +65 6801 7494 or email


The Catholic Lawyers Guild (CLG) Legal Clinics do not give advice on legal issues in business / professional matters. The Legal Clinics are intended for the poor, disadvantaged and sandwiched classes to obtain advice on personal matters such as family issues, estates, employment, personal accidents, tenancy disputes, monetary claims, motor and industrial accident claims, etc. The CLG reserves the right to reject any application at our sole discretion.