The Use of Black on Good Friday

Why do we use black back-drop on Good Friday?

The Crucifixion Darkness (Black Good Friday)

Biblical scholars suggest that the darkness on Calvary is a deliberate inversion of the Transfiguration; “Striking details such as the darkening of the sky and the tearing of the temple veil was a way of focusing one away from the shame and humiliation of the crucifixion; it is clear that Jesus is not a humiliated criminal but a Man of great significance.

His death is therefore not a sign of his weakness but of the glorious manifestation of the power of His Cross breaking through the darkness of death….where death is defeated and where life is changed not ended” (G. B. Caird and Joseph Fitzmyer)

Why do we use black for the procession?

The Procession is in honor of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows which developed around in the 13th Century, initiated by the Servite order in 1223. Black is the colour of the Scapular of the Seven Sorrows of Mary, so that is why we wear Black (the symbol of the Scapular of the Seven Sorrows of Mary) for Liturgical processions on Good Friday. It symbolizes our resolve to accompany our Blessed Lady and profess that we are children of Our Mother of Seven Sorrows.