Funerals & Wakes

Death of someone is a terrible loss for most people; whether it is after a prolonged period of illness or a sudden death. It is a time of grieve and a stressful time. We hope the following guidelines will assist you during the time of grief.

In our Christian perspective, death is the birth to eternal life. Our faith gives us the promise of immortality and every funeral is a celebration. This of course is a paradox in itself. How do grieving people celebrate? Nevertheless, the funeral is a celebration.

Here are additional information on Funerals & Wakes.

Liturgical Norms

The funeral celebration may take place within the Eucharist or it may take place within the service of the Word of God.

Funerals are not celebrated on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Sundays in Lent and Advent, Ascension, Assumption, All Saints and Christmas (GIRM 336). On all Sundays of the year, there will only be funerals services (OCF 177-203).

Church of St Anthony Funerals and Wakes

Administrative Process

When a death occurs, the following needs to be done in order for a equitably good celebration:

  1. Inform the Parish Office immediately so that we can give you further instructions. Please book the cremation time only after you had consulted with the Parish Office.
  2. After the preliminary notification of death has been made, you are required to submit the baptism and death certificate of the deceased the following day in person. The parish office only will liaise with an immediate family member.
  3. You will be advised as to the best time slot for the funeral celebration upon contacting the Parish Office. Please note that:
    a) Funeral Celebration can be accommodated in most cases for cremation booked between 9.00am and 5.00pm on weekdays.
    b) Funeral Celebrations are NOT possible for cremation booked before 9.00am or after 5.00pm due to the weekday Eucharistic Celebration in the morning and evening.
    c) Funeral Celebration on Saturdays will be held between 9.00am and 4.30pm.
    * Please note that, should a wedding celebration be booked, there will be no funeral celebration in Church at that time slot.
  4. The funeral celebration will be for those who are residing in Woodlands.
  5. You are required to provide the details as to where the wake will take place and the duration of the wake.
  6. The Parish Office will inform you as to which priest will celebrate the funeral celebration. The priest will make at least one visit to the wake. As for the transfer of the body will be done by the Funeral Minister & the Funeral Minister will also be there at the crematorium.
  7. Should you want to invite another priest to celebrate the Eucharist for the funeral, prior permission must be sought from the Parish Priest. The invited priest will then bear the responsibility of praying the prayers for the transfer of the body at the wake and the prayers at the crematorium.


  1. The Church will arrange wherever possible for prayers at the wake.
  2. The prayer group representatives will contact the family and indicate as to when prayers will be prayed.
  3. The choir that sings for the funeral celebration will contact the family to make arrangements for the funeral celebration in Church.

Funeral Mass

  1. The Funeral Minister will be at the wake to pray before the transfer of the body to the Church.
  2. At the entrance of the Church, the priest will bless the coffin.
  3. After the processional hymn, you will be asked to place:
    a) the white pall over the coffin (a minimum of two person is required for this)
    b) the Book of the Gospels on the coffin
    c) the Crucifix on the coffin
  4. All of the above may be done by the same persons or by different members of the family or even by friends.
  5. You have an option to read at the Eucharist and also read the intercessory prayers. There is also the possibility of giving a eulogy after the thanksgiving prayer.
  6. It is left to your discretion as to whether a token of appreciation should be given to the priest, choir, servers or who ever assists at the Eucharist. There is no obligation to give the token.

Interment of Ashes

  1. If you have already booked a niche, you are required to make arrangements with the office as to when the internment will take place.
  2. No interment will take place from Saturday afternoon until Tuesday morning.
  3. If you have already booked a niche, you are required to make arrangements with the office as to when the internment will take place.
  4. Should you require a priest to pray at the internment, you are to make this known to the office.
  5. If you have not booked a niche, you can make arrangements with the office to purchase one.

For more information you can contact:

  • Parish Secretary
    63683804 (Ext. 203) during office hours which are as follows:

*Parish Office Opening Hours:

  • 9:00am – 5:00pm (Tuesday to Friday)
  • 9:00am – 1:00pm (Saturday & Sunday)

*Closed for lunch (12:30pm – 1:30pm)

Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays.

(Days and times may change at the sole discretion of the parish)