Catholic Neighbourhood Communities

“The future of humanity passes by the way of the family”  St Pope John Paul II

About Us

It is God’s plan that the family is to be the basic unit of society. With many forces in the world today that challenge and destroy the very foundations of the family, CNCs are meant to build relationships within the neighbourhood and for the Parish where the support in areas of social and spiritual needs can be provided. This will strengthen the family fabric for an individual or family in its defense for our future generation. The CNCs help to bring about living our faith and being light and salt to one another in this modern materialistic world.

“The family is the first vital cell of society and the cradle of faith”  Saint John Paul II (in Familiaris Consortio)

The CNCs invite everyone to experience the fulfilment and joy of living a fuller Christian life in the Parish community and in your neighbourhood. The communities are focused on the areas of:

KERYGMA (A Learning Community)

  • Deepen your understanding of the Faith, study the Bible and cultivate a love for God’s Holy Word.

KOINONIA (A Community of Fellowship)

  • Be a community of fellowship. Reach out to one another in brotherly or sisterly love. Make efforts to know each other by name.

DIAKONIA (A Community of Service)

  • Make use of your God-given gifts, your time, talents and resources to serve in the parish and in the various ministries and reach out especially to the less fortunate.

EUCHARISTIA (A Eucharistic Community)

  • Centre your life on the Eucharist. Be nourished and strengthened by the Bread of Life and you will be able to reflect Christ to others.

Who Makes up the CNCs?

Every parishioner of the Church of St Anthony should be in a community. All groups, ministries and apostolates are ONE as a body of Christ.  As one people of God, they render the functional support to the spiritual life for fellow parishioners in serving at the altar, singing, reading, teaching and welcoming visitors. Thus, all of us in the parish are members of the CNCs by virtue of our Baptism.

There are currently several CNCs active both in Woodlands and in Choa Chu Kang. In Woodlands, the CNCs are based on Block Nos.

  • CNC100
  • CNC300
  • CNC400
  • CNC500
  • CNC600
  • CNC700
  • CNC800

Those interested in joining any of these CNCs can send an email to

What Some Parishioners Say About the CNCs?

Being part of a CNC:

  • Helps to build a stronger relationship within the neighbourhood. We get to know other fellow Catholics and together we build a relationship
    with God through the word of God.
  • Allows my family members who are non-Catholics to witness what we do when the meetings are held in my house.
  • Means coming together to share and care for each other.
  • Reminds me of the early Christians coming together to pray and support each other but in the light of today’s context.
  • Means that in confidentiality, we can share real life experiences and receive support from the community whether spiritually or materially.

Serene of CNC800 shared this testimony with us:

Having a neighbourhood community has enabled us to share not just our faith but our lives with those who are living in the same vicinity together. We gather together for reflection on the words of God, for rosary, to pray for our intentions and at times for our children when they are about to enter their examination period. We celebrate one another’s milestone and rejoice during joyous occasions such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries. During tough times, we also support each other to pray for our loved ones who have gone before us. This catholic neighbourhood community provides a sense of belonging for everyone and a safe place for sharing and growing. It is in a sense like a domestic church and we rely on each other for both spiritual support and also physical support. When our children were younger, there was a sense of assurance and trust that they would be taken care of when we placed them at one another’s house when there were other matters to be taken of. CNC has also help to nurture the young ones in our group that they growth to become active youth participating in church events and activities. Most recently, when the announcement of the suspension of mass was announced, we gathered as a Catholic neighbourhood community to attend the online broadcast and to pray for our world in this period of uncertainty and outbreak.

A participative Christ-centered community of disciples building the kingdom of God.


The CNCs are a collection of many neighbourhoods in Woodlands plus a small number in the neighbouring Choa Chu Kang. Groups meet to read, reflect on and to share the Word of God. During the liturgical seasons of Lent, Easter, Advent and Christmas, the groups are encouraged to use the booklets from the Office for the New Evangelisation or ONE for their sessions. The church also offers free access to, a subscription based portal with a large and diverse range of Catholic programs and media.

The journey into the CNCs is a journey into communion with God and communion with one another. Through the CNCs, we:

  • Get to know one another and make a difference for one-another
  • Share their faith and help one another to connect to life and faith
  • Pray together
  • Learn together to be empowered to act with authority
  • Work together to achieve common goals for the mission of Christ
  • Support, help and serve one another

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Our Parish Priest, Fr Ignatius Yeo, the Executive Committee of the church or EXCO and the Pastoral Coordinator are actively focused on promoting CNCs in the parish and work through the leaders of the indivivual CNCs with regards to programs and initiatives towards helping CNCs to grow and to promote the formation of new ones. Each CNC choses its own leaders.

Each CNC has its own meeting schedules. EXCO and our Parish Priest may discuss CNC matters during the monthly EXCO meetings.

Parishioners who want to be part of a CNC may contact the EXCO of the church at with their postal address and name.

Support Services & Request For Support

Our support is to parishioners who participate as members of a CNC.

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