What is St Anthony Bread?

What is St Anthony Bread?

ST ANTHONY BREAD is a term used for offerings made in thanksgiving to God for blessings received through the intercession of St. Anthony.

The bread blessed on the Feast of St Anthony and distributed to the faithful are a spiritual reminder of the blessings received from St Anthony.  It also has its Eucharistic significance; that all our prayers and blessings are made and received through Christ Our Lord.

The bringing home and sharing of the St Anthony bread in our families, reminds us of the blessings we have received from the Holy Mass on this feast, and a reminder that Christ the Bread of Life is our true source of sustenance and that we are also to be bread broken and shared for others.

One of the most moving aspect in the life of St. Anthony was his special love for the poor expressed most often by his feeding the hungry. This is why St. Anthony’s Bread for the Poor became a popular way for people to emulate the spirit of the saint by caring for the under privileged.

Traditionally, the Church distribute small loaves of bread on St. Anthony’s feast day to remind us to follow his holy example.

The distribution and eating of “St. Anthony’s Bread,” then, is the promise of giving alms in return for a favour asked of God through the intercession of St. Anthony.

Your monetary contributions here at the shrine of St. Anthony enables us to feed the homeless, assist poor families and the elderly.

To make your “bread” offering in honour of St. Anthony in thanksgiving for blessings received, envelopes available at the Shrine of St Anthony for you to send your donations. Your “thanksgiving alms” will be used to help the poor, under privileged and to upkeep this Church and the shrine of St Anthony.

Written by Fr Ignatius Yeo, Parish Priest