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“No disciple is superior to the teacher; but when fully trained, every disciple will be like his teacher.” Luke 6:40

About Us

The Development Keystone of the Church of St Anthony is one of several focus groups within the Executive Committee or ExCo. It is setup in response to the need for formation and development of parishioners and all stakeholder groups such as ministries within the Church of St. Anthony.

The Development Keystone coordinates the formation efforts of the parish through understanding the formation needs and challenges of the parishioners and all stakeholders groups. The Keystone discerns programmes that may assist the parish to move in the direction of the parish vision – “A Participative Christ-centered Community of Disciples Building the Kingdom of God”.

The Keystone also identifies and work with parishioners who have a background in Theology or specialised areas of interests and/or are experienced in running formation talks and programmes when developing programmes. All plans are submitted to the Parish Priest and/or the ExCo, to ensure all programmes are in line with the teachings of the Church and the direction of the parish.

There is no Vision statement as yet.

There is no mission statement as yet.

  1. To understand formation needs of all stakeholder groups. The Keystone aims to speak to all stakeholder groups such as PPC, Ministries, Youth, CNCs and Parishioners, to understand their formation needs and craft programmes in order to meet these needs.
  2. To coordinate with formators to develop suitable formation talks or programmes. The Keystone formed a Community of Formators consisting of parishioners who have experience in running formation programmes, who are trained in a particular field of study, and/or are current or past students of Theology. Together with the Community of Formators, the Keystone crafts formation programmes to cater to the needs of the stakeholder groups and/or programmes that the Keystone discerned to be in line with the Vision of the parish.
  3. To seek Parish Priest or PPC ExCo approval for the formation talk or program The Keystone will also submit all plans to the Parish Priest, or the PPC ExCo, before execution, to ensure all programmes and content are in line with the teachings of the Church and the direction of the parish.

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Stay tuned for the formation calendar at a later date.

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The Development Keystone consists of members who are in the core team of the Keystone, a Formation Coordinator, and the Community of Formators.

This Keystone is a working arm of the ExCo (Executive Committee of the Church), and reports into the ExCo as well as to the Parish Priest.

The Development Keystone meets once a month, and discusses about formation plans and programmes of the parish.

Parishioners who have a background in Theology, such as current or past CTIS or Theology students, who have been trained in particular areas of the faith, or who have experience in giving faith formation talks, may approach the Development Keystone. The Development Keystone currently runs the Community of Formators, which consists of individuals with the above listed backgrounds. However, all candidates will be interviewed by the Keystone members before being placed as part of the Community of Formators.

Support Services & Request For Support

If your ministry or CNC have formation needs, and you are wondering how to go about doing this, please contact Development Keystone at with the following information:

  • Topic
  • Date of formation
  • Length of formation (e.g. how many sessions, how long each session)
  • Audience Purpose of formation

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