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“For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ”   1 Corinthians 12:12

About Us

The Events Keystone of the Church of St Anthony is another focus group represented in the Executive Committee or EXCO. It is a body comprising of leaders from the various church ministries. The Events Keystone exists primarily to coordinate the allocation and organization of ministry and parish activities to draw parishioners of the Church of Saint Anthony closer to Jesus, and as one body in Christ.

All events organised through the Events Keystone must meet at least one of three key thrusts, namely Forming Disciples, Facilitating God Encounters and Building Community Bonds so as to contribute to the Vision of the Church of St Anthony which is “A Participative Christ-centered Community of Disciples Building the Kingdom of God.

In order to ensure a unity of purpose and direction, representatives of the PPC, EXCO and other keystones also sit in Events Keystone meetings.

A loving Christ-centered community of disciple makers actively building the Kingdom of God.

To facilitate God-encounters, promote discipleship formation and strengthen community bonds.

1) Facilitate organization of parish- and ministry-level events in the Church of Saint Anthony:

  • The Events Keystone reports into the Parish Pastoral Council Executive Committee (PPC ExCo), and assists with the execution of key activities arising from PPC ExCo meetings;
  • The Events Keystone is responsible for leading the annual parish activity planning exercise. The objective of this exercise is to align parish- and ministry-level events among the ministries for the following calendar year to ensure that
    • a) these events are effective and meaningful in drawing parishioners closer to Jesus and as one church, and
    • b) these events are appropriately allocated during the year to continually reinforce the vibrancy of the parish;
  • The Events Keystone assigns wake and canteen duties to ministries for each month, so that parishioners in need of support in the respective areas may be provided for;

2) Serve as a platform to facilitate information flow within the parish:

  • The Events Keystone as a body enables two-way information flow between the parish clergy/office, and the ministries who are represented on the body by ministry leaders or their appointed representatives;
  • The Events Keystone utilizes various communication channels to facilitate distribution of important news/developments to ministries, and transmit ministry feedback/updates to the parish clergy/office.

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Meetings take place once a month. Activities during meeting typically include prayer (e.g. adoration, Scripture reading, group sharing, rosary etc.), fellowship, and agenda items.

Not applicable. The key positions of the Events Keystone are filled via a nomination process, and general members of the body comprise of ministry representatives or leaders whom have been elected to office within their respective ministries.

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The Events Keystone serves the church by planning, coordinating and allocating manpower from the ministries for parish level events. Its members are leaders of the various ministries and its meetings are attended by representatives of EXCO and PPC and by the Parish Priest.

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