Communications and Publicity Keystone

We come so that the blind may see; the deaf may hear the Word of God.”  Isaiah 42:18

About Us

The Communications and Publicity Keystone of the Church of St Anthony was one of the 6 keystones identified as part of a new structure for EXCO introduced in 2013.

It was a focus group developed to address the issue of parishioners not knowing what is happening in church and also to improve on the quality of communication that goes out. Among its original goals were to keep the Vision and Mission of the Church on the minds of our parishioners, to foster a sense of belonging and to improve communications within the church.

The keystone is represented in the Executive Committee or EXCO of the church together with representatives of the other keystones and the PPC.

A community in which all members share in the life of the Church.

To promote the formation of disciples, a sense of belonging to the community and to evangelise through the use of the Church’s online channels.

The scope of the Communications and Publicity Keystone includes:

  1. Promote the Vision and Mission
  2. Foster a greater sense of belonging
  3. Improve communication processes and resources
  4. Support event communications and publicity teams
  5. Administer communications channels
  6. Promote faith formation.
  7. Connect various demographic groups
  8. Connect the church with the Archdiocese
  9. Oversee and have admin access to all channels bearing the name of the Church of St Anthony

Our Calendar

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Contact Us

You can contact us via email at

The keystone consists of the Administrators of all the online resources of our church including:

  • Church website
  • Facebook
  • Tamil Community Facebook
  • Chinese Community Facebook
  • Filipino Community Facebook
  • Instagram

We also have a team of photographers who capture images of church events. These images are posted at our Photos section of this website.

  • YouTube

No formal meetings as yet.

We are in need for people who having working knowledge in these areas: graphics design, publishing, photography, videography, video editing and website maintenance.

Please send us an email if you would like to contribute to our online efforts:

Support Services & Request For Support

As part of our efforts to improve communications and publicity within the parish, we provide support to ministries and other church organisations in areas such as:

  1. Creating image media for Facebook, Instagram, posters and banners
  2. Guiding organizing committees on matters of publicity and media creation
  3. Recording and editing photos or videos for formation talks and parish events.
  4. Training persons in charge of publicity on skills and tools.
  5. Creating registration and survey forms and tracking links that record interest in particular websites
  6. Run workshops if there is demand

Resources & Forms

Online forms will be posted in the future.