Stewards at the Banquet (Wardens)

We come so that the blind may see; the deaf may hear the Word of God.”  Isaiah 42:18

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We are a group of disciples striving to lead our Lord’s flock to a greater liturgical experience of the holy Eucharist through the deepening of their faith and relationship with him.

About Us

Hospitality is the basis of this ministry. The Stewards at the Banquet (also called wardens in other churches) are often the first person whom worshipers meet when they arrive at the Church and the last person to bid them farewell. The stewards ensure that the faithful see and experience the love of Christ as they enter into the Church and to the celebration of the Eucharist

To have Stewards who are knowledgeable about the faith, especially about the community and the Eucharist and are able to welcome parishioners to a meaningful celebration of the Eucharist. The Stewards must be Kingdom builders.

To achieve the vision all Stewards should be built on the Word of God and constantly nourished by the sacraments, committed in prayer, passionate about evangelization as they serve the community with love and being accountable to the community they serve living in the love of the Holy Spirit.

  • To welcome and assist the congregation in the celebration of the liturgy by greeting them as they enter the Church, handing them the various books or leaflets required for the celebration, distributing handouts, assisting in the offertory collection, offertory procession, orderly reception of Holy Communion, orderly parking or cars within and adjacent the Church compound.
  • To assist the priests in maintaining order during liturgical celebrations.
  • To provide other assistance at the requests of the priests of the Parish.
  • To provide other assistance at the request of priests of the Parish or the Archdiocese with the approval of the Spiritual Director.
  • To help in the spiritual growth of the wardens by organizing, talks, retreats, etc.

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The Executive Committee (EXCO) of the Stewards Ministry comprises of the Spiritual Director, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and Group Leaders.

The Stewards have monthly meetings for the EXCO and with all members as follows:

  • The EXCO meeting takes place once every month in the second Friday of the month
  • The General Members Meeting or GMM takes place every third Wednesday of the month.

Before masses, we meet to prepare ourselves with group sharing, reflections and briefing before the mass starts. Stewards arrive 1 hour before an ordinary mass or 45 minutes before and special masses for this preparation.

In addition, we gather to pray the rosary regularly.

All Stewards shall be required to give full commitment to the Ministry. A Steward shall put duty before self. He/She should be prepared to accept any Responsibility delegated by the EXCO. The term “full commitment” in the Ministry means:

  • Attendance at all meetings, formation sessions and activities organized by the Society barring unforeseen circumstances.
  • A conscientious and consistent performance of duty with a pleasant disposition, and being tolerant to parishioners.
  • Abiding by all the Rules and Regulations of the Society. All Stewards shall be required to uphold and obey the Constitution of the Society.

Support Services & Request For Support

The Stewards are currently not providing any support outside of assisting in liturgy and planning and working on parish level events.

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There are currently no forms with regard to the Stewards Ministry