Extraordinary Ministers of Communion (EMHC)

“If angels could be jealous of men, they would be so for one reason: Holy Communion.” St. Maximilian Kolbe

Church of St Anthony EMHC Ministry Logo

About Our Logo

The Phoenix is an ancient symbol for Jesus Christ. Blood and water poured out from the side of Jesus after his death on the cross. As Eve is taken from the rib at the side of Adam, the Church is born out of the side of Jesus Christ. The Church is born out of water and blood. One is the symbol of baptism and the other the symbol of the sacrament; (cf Instructions of St. John Chrysostom to Catechumens). Our Father is the source of life, of graces and in the Eucharist we receive from the source. The Eucharist is the summit of a Christian’s life, where we return everything back to the Father. The Eucharist is the source and summit of life; (cf Sacramentum Caritatis). The flow in the logo is incomplete as it shows that we are a pilgrim Church on the way to our Father who is in heaven.

About Us

The EMHC Ministry is a liturgical ministry and its members assist the priests in distributing communion during masses. Members also help to organize parish level events together with other ministries and also bring communion to those who are unable to attend church. As part of its evangelization efforts, the ministry has been involved in preparing both the parents and children who are about to receive their First Holy Communion.

A participative Christ-centred community building the Kingdom of God through the Eucharist and living the Eucharist

This vision statement was chosen to be in sync with the Vision of the Church of St Anthony, taking into account the ministry’s area of focus which is the Eucharist.

To invite and facilitate God encounters through the Eucharist to build the Kingdom of God.

Our ministry is not just about giving communion during masses. We strive to include these 7 areas in the life of our ministry – charisma, diakonia, didache, evangelismo, kerygma, koinonia, leitourgia by discerning our charisms, serving the community, teaching others, building bonds between members and evangelising others, notably through our involvement in the First Holy Communion programme.

  • Assist in giving communion during masses
  • Bring communion to those who cannot attend mass
  • Help to organize parish level events
  • Serve the community when the need arises e.g. Sunday canteen, attending wakes and communion services during the annual priests’ retreat in July 4. Prepare children who are about to receive their First Holy Communion as well as their parents.
  • Pray as a community
  • Grow as a community and family
  • Form one another in matters of the faith Giving communion during masses is not the only thing we do as ministry.
  • We participate in helping others encounter God, to help build communities and help each other grow as disciples.

Our Calendar

There is no calendar available from the EMHC ministry at this time.

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Contact Us

For enquiries or requests for communion outside of the church please send an email to emc@saint-anthony.org or contact the Parish Office.

At the top level, the ministry is run by a committee of 5 office bearers:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice-chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Event coordinator (s)

Members also belong to one of 5 mass groups with each group dedicated to serving one of the 5 weekend masses. On major feasts and solemnities when more ministers are needed, we draw them from all 5 mass groups.

Members are encouraged to belong to one of 3 focus groups which are patterned after the 3 key thrusts that the church has identified from its Vision and Mission Statements:

  • Forming Disciples
  • Growing Community Bonds
  • Facilitating God Encounters

The ministry runs Charism workshops twice a year to help our members discerned their charisms which in turn guide them in their choice of focus groups.

The ministry meets once a month starting at 8.00 PM. Each meeting is preceded by a guided half hour of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament followed by the meeting proper during which efforts are made to get to know each other better, to discuss ministry matters and receive updates and news and to listen to formation talks by members and invited speakers.

New members are required to attend a training and formation program which is once a month for 6 months before they are ready to serve during masses.

To join the ministry, a person must be at least 21 years of age and has been a Catholic for 3 years or more. He or she must not be barred from receiving communion.

There is a 6-month training and discernment period after which the committee and the Spiritual Director of the ministry will make a decision on whether the new member is ready to serve during masses. Training includes discipleship, formation on the Eucharist and service during masses.

All members are required to attend monthly meetings regularly and to support all parish level events in which the ministry is called to provide a leading or support role.

Please contact the Parish Office with the following details:

6368 3804 (Ext: 203)

Support Services & Request For Support

Members of the parish of the Church of St Anthony may request the ministry to bring communion to those in the neighbourhood who are unable to attend mass in church. Requests may be made via the church secretary at secretary@saint-anthony.org.

Resources & Forms

Please contact the Parish Office if you are interested in joining this ministry.