A Catafalque in Roman Catholic Tradition is an ornamental coffin-shaped memorial draped with a pall and is used to remind us of our Departed Faithful, and to pray for them.

We are encouraged to continue praying throughout the month for the souls of our departed family and friends. September and October, special envelopes marked “St Anthony, Pray for Our Faithful Departed” for this cause are made available for you. When you return to Church, please pick them up and return the envelopes before November. Or you may choose the digital way:


Send us your prayer intentions at the link given. Kindly indicate P-A-S when you key in the reference option for PayNow. All names (envelopes) collected will be placed in a special box (catafalque) in front of the sanctuary.

ALL Masses throughout the month of November (2nd -30th November) will be offered for your intentions for ALL these names.