Organisation – An Overview

This page is a summary of the Organisation of the Church of St Anthony. More details on the different components in this organisation such as the ministries, groups and keystones may be found in the Ministries & Groups section.

The Church of St Anthony comprises the Parish Priest, assistant priests, parish staff and lay organisations who work under their direction to serve the community.

The Parish Priest is Fr Ignatius Yeo and his assistants,Fr John Lau and Fr Edmund Chong. Fr Cyril Lee is our priest in residence.

The Parish Staff include:

  • Parish Secretary
  • Pastoral Coordinator
  • Youth Coordinator
  • Facilities Officer

The lay organisations working with our priests include the Parish Pastoral Council, Ethnic Communities, Catholic Neighbourhood Groups and the Ministries and the Parish Finance Council.

The Parish Priest is president of the Parish Pastoral Council  (PPC) which includes an executive arm called EXCO or Executive Community and the Parish Assembly. He discusses and consults with the PPC and EXCO on pastoral matters and makes the final decisions.

The PPC seeks to understand the pastoral needs of the community through the involvement of its members in the ministries, through surveys and finally by organising Parish Assemblies where input from the community is taken in for consideration.

EXCO is the executive arm of the PPC and implements and organises events and programs to meet those pastoral needs. It is formed by leaders of focus groups called Keystones as well as other members. There are currently four keystones – Youth, Development, Communications and Publicity and Events.

All the  31 ministries, the ethnic communities and other groups are represented by their heads in the Events Keystone. The Events Keystone plans and organises parish level events for each year. All parish activities must contribute to the Vision and Mission of our church by including in its planning at least one of 3 key thrusts, namely Forming Disciples, Building Community Bonds and Facilitating God Encounters which are themselves derived from the Vision and Mission statements, In this way, we are actively pursuing our long term vision in all that we do.

The Youth Keystone specialises in the nurturing the faith of our youth.

The formation needs of our ministries and parishioners are looked after by the Development Keystone which works with Fr Ignatius to determine the topics for talks and formation sessions.

The Communications and Publicity Keystone uses our online channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Church website and YouTube channels to reach out to our parishioners and beyond and to promote a sense of direction and a sense of belonging to our parish. It strives to make connections between people and church organisations and to evangelise through the sharing of Catholic media.

Details of all these various organisations may be found elsewhere on this website under Ministries and Groups. A more thorough explanation of the Vision and Mission of the Church may be found under ABOUT US and on the PPC page.

Church of St Anthony Organisation Chart