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“Whatever you do for your family, your children, your husband, your wife, you do for God. All we do, our prayers, our work, our suffering, is for Jesus.”  Mother Teresa

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About Us

Family Life Team (FLT) ministry was formed in 2012 with only 4 families. The mission then was to facilitate families to spend more time with their love ones and get to know other families in our parish. The ministry’s upmost task was to organize family fun time and facilitate parent to acquire the parenting knowledge so as to understand the real needs of their child. Upholding the mission, the team grew in faith and size. Family Life Team ministry now comprises of 14 families. The children of our members now play an important part in our mission where they are tasked and help in our activities. Our mission is to build a community of christ-centered families. Family Support Groups (FSG) are formed for the families to support one another. We believe that we grow together with the families that we helped.

A community of families who care and love their family, encouraging and helping one another in the greater love of God

To provide avenues for a Christ-Centered Families

FLT runs events and programmes to build up families. Some of the past events include:

  1. Family Camps Out of Singapore 4 days 3 night stay at resort with programme for families to spend quality time together. Program includes parenting, children, couple breakout sessions. Father and Son Camps
  2. 2 days 1 night stay-over outdoor activities based camp at 1 of the Singapore parks for father to spend quality time with son.
  3. Mother and Daughter Camps 2 days 1 night stay-over indoor coupled with outdoor activities based camp at retreat center or at church compound for mother to spend quality time with daughter.
  4. Parenting Workshops Organize parenting workshops covering different children’s age groups through Invited guest speakers and professionals
  5. Couple Enrichment Workshops targeting married couples on topics that enrich marriage lives and parenting. For example, our collaboration with Family Life Society for Couples Empowerment Program (CEP).
  6. Infant Baptism Facilitating Infant baptism preparatory sessions for parents who wish to baptize their baby or young children.
  7. Wedding Milestone Anniversary Eucharistic Celebration Yearly event for married couples celebrating their wedding anniversary in multiple of 5 years. Special arrangement in EC for couples to renew their marriage vows and fellowship after EC

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The committee in charge of FLT consists of:

  1. Ministry’s Spiritual Director
  2. Chairperson
  3. Vice- Chairperson
  4. Secretary
  5. Sub-Committee (Adult Formation, Children Formation-“Christ is Alive”, Hospitality) Leaders

Our team meets on the last Friday of every month and the meetings include breakout sessions of Adult and Children Formation which are planned by the Adult and Children Formation Sub-Committees followed by a 1-hour meeting and an hour long fellowship.

All parishioners are welcome to join as members.

Members must attend and complete the core, infant Baptism facilitator training, before being assigned as faciliators.

Support Services & Request For Support

The Family Life Team runs the Infant Baptism preparatory programme for parents and Godparents before a child is baptized. For more information on Child Baptisms, please visit our Infant Sacraments page at

Resources & Forms

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