Formed Subscription at the Parish Level

A Gift for You!

A gift for you and everyone in your family: good Catholic media all in one place!

Formed is like a Catholic Netflix is an online media library with a wide range of material for any age group.

  1. Programs – sacraments, bible studies, faith formation, current topics, youth programs
  2. Movies – movie night, kids, documentaries, modern day saints, saints of history, men & women of faith, life & witness of Mary, devotional, apologetics
  3. Audio – audio dramas, audio books, being Catholic, explore the faith, share the faith
  4. Books – fiction, kids & teens, being catholic, explore the faith

There is also a App which means you have access while on the go such as during your daily commute. is a revolutionary online platform that partners with Augustine Institute, St Paul Centre, Marian Fathers, Lighthouse Catholic Media, Ignatius Press and Word on Fire.

Parishioners of the Church of St Anthony, Singapore may sign-up for access to’s vast library without cost, using the  Church of St Anthony Parish Code. Parishioners of other churches should contact their Parish Office for the code that is unique to their parish.

How to register for a Formed Account

Registering for a account

(The registration process  as of May 2020)

  1. Visit and click SIGN UP
  2. Click on the option: I belong to a Parish or Organization
  3. Enter the Parish Code f8d505 and click ‘Church of St Anthony’ which pops up under the code.
  4. Click Next
  5. Enter your name and email and click Sign-up. Be sure to check that your email address was entered correctly.
  6. Check your email for a conformation from and use the link in that email to log in.

If you did not receive the email from Formed, please check you SPAM folder.

To Log-in to

  1. Visit and click on SIGN-IN
  2. Check your email to complete logging in. does not use passwords but an email link instead.